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Wayne Hawthorne

Loudness Metering for FOH Mixers: Translating Your Show Mix to Drive-in & Streaming Platforms

A Talk by Wayne Hawthorne (Owner & Operator & Music Mixer, Click Track Audio Inc.)

About this Talk

Download: video During the pandemic, many Front-of-House mixers have become responsible for providing mixes for their artist's streaming and drive-in-over-FM broadcast shows. As a result, many have had to adapt to the concept of loudness metering in a way they've never had to deal with in the past. This discussion will give some hints at how FOH mixers can adapt and use loudness metering to present their artists in the best light!

About The Speakers

Wayne Hawthorne

Wayne Hawthorne

Owner & Operator & Music Mixer, Click Track Audio Inc.

With a background in electrical engineering, over 25 years working in Professional Audio, a music mixer and as an educator, Wayne looks at audio with a theoretical mind and a practical eye!