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Wayne Hawthorne

Owner & Operator & Music Mixer, Click Track Audio Inc. With a background in electrical engineering, over 25 years working in Professional Audio, a music mixer and as an educator, Wayne looks at audio with a theoretical mind and a practical eye!

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Wayne Hawthorne has had a varied career in the realm of sound, production and acoustics. Wayne entered the audio production world at a young age and the love of live theatre and production caught his attention. While pursuing an electrical engineering degree, Wayne spent time working in the themed entertainment space and had the opportunity to combine his engineering design ethic with the needs of theme park shows and entertainment.

Following becoming a registered Professional Engineer, Wayne worked for a military contractor, focusing on acoustics and mission-critical search & surveillance systems. Never leaving entertainment far behind, Wayne continued to combine his love for the entertainment space by becoming the Owner & Operator of Click Track Audio. A mobile production company since 2005, Click Track specializes in high-track count remote recording, live-to-air broadcasts and music mixing. With Click Track, Wayne has provided broadcast music mixes for events airing on major broadcasters that feature performers such as Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Roch Voisine, Etta James, Sam Roberts, and many more.

Wayne also concurrently works with the next generation of audio professionals as a professor with Algonquin College's Music Industry Arts program.

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Wayne Hawthorne