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Stephen Pavlik

Understanding Wireless Range and Gain Structure

A Talk by Stephen Pavlik (MON/RF/PM, Eli Young/Sventenna)

About this Talk

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Ever had the question "What happens if I add this splitter into my system?" "What if I switch to an antenna with more gain?" "Do I need a Low loss cable?" "How far will this mic/instrument/IEM go?" Which in turn all of these questions can really mean "If I make this change to my system, WILL I GET DROPOUTS?!?" Well there's an easy way to calculate all of this. And that's with something called a link budget. Within the link budget we will explore extremely important aspects of wireless communication like free-space path loss, multipath interference and just about anything that can happen to your signal between the transmitter and receiver. So rather than asking the questions above, you will have the tools and knowledge to answer these questions for any situation and more. There should also be time at the end to answer submitted and live questions. See you there!

About The Speakers

Stephen Pavlik

Stephen Pavlik

MON/RF/PM, Eli Young/Sventenna

Over 15 years in live audio/touring, Certified Broadcast Technologist (CBT), Pending Antenna Patents