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Arthur Skudra Nathan Lively Cesar Lamschtein Ian Robertson

The Public Library of Loudspeaker Measurements

A Talk by Cesar Lamschtein , Nathan Lively , Ian Robertson and Arthur Skudra

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About this Talk

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Imagine a place where audio enthusiasts can share their own field data, e.g., —frequency and impulse responses as well as SPL metrics—of loudspeakers.

What if it were a public, independent, non-profit online community which promotes the open exchange of loudspeaker system reference data—measured by audio lovers for audio lovers—launched by members of the pro‑audio community.

Join us to discuss the launch of just such a place.

About The Speakers

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Cesar Lamschtein

Cesar Lamschtein

Nathan Lively

Nathan Lively

Maker, Sound Design Live

Online Courses for Live Sound Engineers | 691k podcast downloads | Freelance Audio for VIP Corporate Events | Author |

Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson

Design, Support & Training, GerrAudio Distribution

Smaart Instructor, SIM School, factory trained service tech for all GerrAudio's professional sound brands.

Arthur Skudra

Arthur Skudra

Categories Covered

Sound System Design & Optimization

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