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Ken Newman

Live Sound Engineer, Newman Audio

About this speaker

With a childhood filled with electronics thanks to my father's electronic parts stores, I landed on live sound in the mid-70s after taking a stab at remote recording, and I've been doing it ever since! I worked with local rock bands and a sound company in the NY/NJ metropolitan area until 1979 when I got a house sound gig in the latest city where gambling casinos were allowed at the time, Atlantic City. Worked there for a few years and then went back on the road, this time with "adult contemporary" artists, mostly artists whose sound systems were provided by A-1 Audio of Las Vegas and Hollywood. Started working corporate events in the mid-90s and in 2002 took a staff audio position with a company that only does corporate events. Went back to being freelance in 2012, and I've been keeping busy doing corporate events or concerts ever since.


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Ken Newman