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Fela Davis

Owner, One of One Productions

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Fela a graduate of Full Sail University with 20 years of experience in live audio engineering and inducted into the University’s Hall of Fame in 2019. Her mixing experience includes Ron Carter, Brian Blade, Jose Feliciano, Meshell Ndegeocello, and front-of-house engineer for 7-time Grammy Award winner Christian McBride, mixing sold-out shows across Asia, Europe, Canada, and America. She currently co-owns 23dB Productions specializing in live and remote recordings and One of One Productions Podcast Studio in Fort Lee, NJ. Her podcast and live clients include Bravo’s Housewives of NYC cast member Eboni K. Williams, SiriusXM's Real Jazz The Lowdown: Conversations with Christian McBride live broadcast from The National Jazz Museum in Harlem and Atlantic Records. She also writes and reviews for Pro Sound News and Podcast Pro Newsletter.

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Fela Davis