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David Gottlieb

Artist Management, Death Or Glory, LLC Artist Management for 15+ years, 30+ years in the music business.

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Blame it on Lawlor Events Center, University of Nevada, in Reno. The local stage crew were all college kids, including a scrawny 18-year old Dave Gottlieb. Despite crashing a floor power washer into a tour bus at his first event, Dave survived and loved unloading trucks, putting together stages and trusses, low-steel rigging sound and learning to drive a forklift.

All those skills kept coming into play as he moved through radio, then to major record labels (Sony and RCA), working with artists like Pearl Jam, Alice Cooper, Ben Folds Five, Fuel, Social Distortion, Screaming Trees, Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Christina Aguilera and many more.

After being asked to leave the record company side of the business, Dave became a manager, landing MGMT early in the representation side of life. Currently, Death Or Glory is a body of one person, but represents MGMT, The Hold Steady, Craig Finn, the Estate of Luther Vandross and Together Pangea.

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